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Benny Hatch

Indie Maker Icons

Indie Maker Icons

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This set contains 20 unique and cohesive vector icons suitable for web, apps and print products. 

These icons distill indie maker ideas and concepts into simple, fun visuals that can be used for digital products, banners, cover art, websites, web apps and or any other project of your (indie) making!

The original Adobe Illustrator source file is included, allowing for changes in size, line weight and color for each icon, as well as any other kind of edits you may desire.

What's included in the download: 

  • 20 unique vector icons (live stroke)
  • Adobe Illustrator Source Files (AI and EPS)
  • Individual icon files with black stroke and transparent background (PNG, SVG and PDF)
  • PNG preview file
  • 1 Bonus Mystery Icon!

Indie Maker Icons List:

  1. Automation
  2. Be a Cockroach
  3. Bootstrapped
  4. Build In Public
  5. Community
  6. Digital Product
  7. Flywheel
  8. Landing Page
  9. Mental Health
  10. MRR
  11. Multiple Income Streams
  12. Newsletter
  13. No-Code
  14. Podcast
  15. Product Launch
  16. Product-Market Fit
  17. Ramen Profitability
  18. SaaS
  19. Solopreneur
  20. Web3
  21. ???
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